Asmyca International, LLC

Asmyca International is a professional & refined company in manufacturing high quality fireplace hearth accessories and home decorative accessories products. With over 25 years of genuine passion in inspiring every home. We have become professional in designing and exporting high quality and industry standard products such as fireplace screens and accessories, metal wall arts, home decorative accessories, and custom made works. Driven by our commitment to beauty, quality, function and reliability. We continue to create excellence and achieve our client's utmost recognition globally.

At Asmyca, people vested in the company's success are not just employees but people who have become family. And together we create an inspiring atmosphere within the home through every single exclusive product we create.
Asmyca started in 1994 while in search for treasures that can be found in the Philippines. Shawn Liu has found many things & has begun a network of business, and successfully exported goods from Asia to America to Europe.
And now, with almost 25 years in professional designing & exporting metal craft & arts, we have sold many products & achieved recognition from our customers globally. With a passion that is the foundation of our company today, Asmyca has grown to have manufacturing & design office in Manila, and showroom office & distribution facility built in Atlanta.
We have upgraded our designs professionally & quality, besides having the trust of our patrons, we offer this Wall arts, Fireplace & hearth accessories as an inspiration - about their homes, their lives, and the special atmosphere our single product can create depending on the character you wish to achieve with our finely crafted home decoration products we offer.


Asmyca provides a kaleidoscope of hand-finished and modern finishing primarily made from new metal materials and sturdy paint materials. We use a variety of finishing techniques. With careful process that would make each art last for years and years to come.


Shawn Liu has seen home décor is ever changing, it comes and goes during his decade long career in the industry, so when the Asmyca Wall Arts first entered the US in 2012, Shawn was confident but is unsure how it would be received.

Now, Customers would return and get some more, others coming from afar, its like finding a treasure in a quaint company. And others would request to make them their preferred designs & scale. People looking for this kind of art find us online and ask us to ship. Young or old, they loved our pieces. Then came franchising for the art lovers, for those people who realize the value and detail poured into every piece that’s been made.

Shawn, with all of his efforts, perseverance, hard work and his very supportive and loyal people, did not imagined how this art would come this far, and so much more. It is like Divine orchestration has been planned decades ago. Each step falling in its place. Not knowing when an art can be appreciated or known.

believes that art is a continuum of thoughts and developments catching every imagination of different people in their walks in life. And freezing it into a fluid art and preserving it on your own paradise – a dream home of everyone.

My heartfelt thanks for most of your support and help to make us survive and grow to
one of the most beautiful and important companies today, Thank you again, Shawn